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By combining our knowledge and love for the way children play, we create powerful products that transform any room into a child-friendly environment. The goal of our creative and challenging kids play areas is to enable children to feel comfortable and be themselves.

Worldwide, we create happy children, everywhere, for every budget, according to any wishes and requirements. And this offers our customers a lot more than just happy children. Because a play corner results in higher revenues, more visitors and customers, more retention visits and a more relaxed atmosphere. That is what we call the power of play.

The power of play

We design, manufacture and install imaginative and educational play areas and kids’ corners

And we do this for:

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Розничная торговля



Publieke ruimtes icon | IKC Play

Общественные места



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Дизайнеры интерьера


Natural zwart

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Уход за детьми

Play area day care centres | IKC


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Гостиничная сфера деятельности




The short and long term advantages of adding play value

We have been creating play value in countries all over the world for more than 12 years. By doing this, we help our customers benefit from positive effects of adding play value.

Playing creates beautiful memories. Those memories pay off, because children grow up and remember where they used to have a great time. When children enjoy themselves, parents can stay longer, spend more and come back more often. If parents know that their children will have fun and feel welcome, they will be more likely to choose your establishment again. This is why an SLkids - IKC play area will give you:

  • Higher revenues
  • More visitors
  • More retention visits
  • More relaxed atmosphere
  • Unique brand experience
  • The playing child is your future customer

NEW: Arctic collection

Arctic collection new | IKC Arctic


Советы по промышленности | 28.10.2019

IKC делает следующий шаг в Азии!

IKC Asia переехала в модный "парк творчества Синьсинь в 1930 году" в Шанхае. Это вдохновляющее офисное помещение - идеальное место для компаний, занимающихся…
Советы по промышленности | 28.10.2019

Официальное открытие нового офиса IKC Asia

28 октября 2019 года мы официально празднуем открытие нашей новой штаб-квартиры в Шанхае, в знаменитом здании парка творчества Синьсинь в 1930-х годах.…
Советы по промышленности | 29.07.2019

Instore Kids Corners становится International Kids Concepts

В течение последних 20 лет аббревиатура IKC используется для обозначения детских уголков Instore Kids Corners. В настоящее время наши игровые концепции…

Be inspired...

A play corner offers children a safe place to play, discover and learn. In the meantime, your visitors get the time to inform themselves, to purchase, or to wait in a relaxed manner. That is why kids’ corners add a positive contribution to your organisation's goals.

Download our free brochure filled with examples of play areas and play ideas. We also extensively explain our vision on “the power of play”. We tell you who we are, what we do, and why we do it. 

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